Body of Zen - Massage Therapy

Swedish- Relax your body and mind from everyday stress and worries. Improve circulation and reduce tension with gentle pressure.

Deep Tissue- Focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, increase range of motion and relieve adhesions caused by overuse or old injuries.

Prenatal- Relieve your low back and neck pain with light to medium pressure and the use of pillows to make the mother-to-be comfortable through the whole session. 

Thai Foot- Your feet and lower legs will feel balanced and refreshed with the help of a specially designed stick used to apply pressure on specific points on your feet.
30 min- $35 
60 min- $60
90 min- $90

Hot Stone- Basalt Stones heated to perfection and used to ease overall tension. Heat penetrates muscles for ultimate relaxation.
60 min- $70
90 min-$100


Chair Massage- Relieve stress and get energized while staying fully clothed. Techniques are used to target the muscles in the upper body in a short period of time. I can bring my chair to your business, party, event or my office.
$1 per minute
Body Scrub- An ultimate treat for the whole body, both exfoliating and hydrating.
45 min.     $40
Scalp Massage- Warm oil infused with essential oils to help alleviate headaches and sinus pressure.
15 min.     $20
Hot Stone Foot Massage- Heated basalt stones used on the feet to further ease and relax your body.
15 min.     $20

    *Prices reflect payment at time of service*
Insurance Billing
In an Auto Accident?  With a prescription from your Doctor or Chiropractor and pre-authorization,  you can receive massage at no cost to you, I will bill your insurance.
Health Insurance-  Most health insurance companies now offer massage therapy as a benefit. With pre-authorization I can bill insurance. Call your insurance and ask if you have massage therapy as a benefit, or I would be happy to call for you. If you do, you only have to pay a co-payment of $15-$25 and I bill the rest to insurance.
Health Insurance Companies I am a provider with:
American Specialty Health
Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Republic
Gift Certificates are available. Cash, Checks and Credit Cards accepted.
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